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This wiki contains notes, links, ideas for SSS "Wizard" demos. It is editable by all of us, so add anything you think will be useful.

CURRENT Year's Demos

SuperScienceSaturday2017 - "Wild Weather"

Previous Year's Demos

SuperScienceSaturday1998 - "Bubble Science" (Janine's first year)

SuperScienceSaturday1999 - "Halloween Science"

SuperScienceSaturday2001 - liquid nitrogen, H2 and He-filled ballons, make a comet (Dennis' first year)

SuperScienceSaturday2002 - "Powers of Nature", potato gun, Pencil shooter, smoke vortex, lightning demo, fire tornado. water rocket

SuperScienceSaturday2003 - "High Flying Science" (Jeff's first year?), H2 and He-filled ballons again (instructions for demo are on this page)

SuperScienceSaturday2004 - "Super Cool Science"

SuperScienceSaturday2005 - "Very Attractive Science"

SuperScienceSaturday2006 - "A New Light on Science"

SuperScienceSaturday2007 - "Cool Science"

SuperScienceSaturday2008 - energy

SuperScienceSaturday2009 - "Sound Science"

SuperScienceSaturday2010 - "Science with a Blast"

SuperScienceSaturday2011 - "Climate Explorations"

SuperScienceSaturday2012 - "Science Showcase"

SuperScienceSaturday2013 - "Science is Everywhere"

SuperScienceSaturday2014 - "Atmospheric Sampling and Observations"

SuperScienceSaturday2015 - "The International year of Light - years ahead"

SuperScienceSaturday2016 - "Temperature: The low-down on what's up"

Email (building, room) addresses of interested parties:

General Presentation Comments

My suggestions on the auditorium show would be that those showing the experiments make sure they announce what they're doing at all times and have it set up so that all of the audience can actually see what they're doing. They just about got it with the camera - but I think there's some room for improvement on how to set up the tables for better audience viewing. Also, I mentioned the idea of stating an appropriate age level on the signage/fliers for the show. Maybe if something was going on for the younger set at the same time (maybe the storytime idea in the classroom?), it would help parents who need to split up.

General References

Cool Ideas

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