* dry ice chunks in 35 mm film cannisters, with the lid affixed

* dry ice and warm water in 5-gallon plastic buckets, with the lid affixed...until it fails to contain the pressure

* large paper mache volcano spewing either elephant toothpaste or mentos/diet coke (emphasize that volcanic eruptions created our atmosphere)

* making popcorn in a huge pot with a tight camera showing the inside of the pot- cast iron pan is better than teflon; teflon can outgas.

* videos:

* Whatever Geoff Tyndall might also be able to come up with safe chemical demos.

* Expanding weather balloons

* phases of the moon: kids "orbiting" around a central light

* meteor shower: confetti pieces of paper thrown into a fan

* laser to pop a kernel of popcorn

* pulse jet engine

* vodka bottle with alcohol residue heater in oven, drop in match

* hydrogen balloons: but need functioning exhaust hoods, lab to prep balloons; fill balloons on the patio outside the classroom?

* ping pong balls in 55 gallon drum with 1 litre full of liquid nitrogen; when litre bottle breaks, ping pong balls fly out the top of the drum

Hand out poprocks as candy

tbarnes@ucar.edu or x1169

Let the Games Begin, Tim

-- Aug 19 (jw)

Suggested Theme Title = "Nature Erupts"

Here are the links to the demos I was describing yesterday:




and, especially for Melinda:


...and follow the bread crumbs to other exciting opportunities :)

Other ideas were:

Liquid Nitrogen Geyser

Hydrogen Peroxide and Sodium Iodine chemical reaction and placed over ceramic pumpkin --


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