2006 demo outline

"A New Light on Science"

(Presentation script is under Attachments)

We met 9/18/2006 and decided on the three shows at 10:30, 12:30, and2:30 with Visible(aka Janine Goldstein),X-Ray(aka Jeff Weber), Ultra Violet(aka Dolores Kiessling), and InfraRed(Me!)

...Arlene and Dennis are unavailable

So far,

  1. Ultra Violet will show images of solar activity and auroras in ppt. nstaLite.ppt PPT Attachements: 6magnet-2.mov

  2. In the works is a demo where UV or X-Ray will show a glass tube under vacuum glowing purple from static charge...like and auroa
  3. TBD will take the audience through Reyleigh and Mei scattering with a tank of chemical smoke and a tank of milky water. The audience should see red/orange colors as the white lightscatters in the smoke and blue light as the white light scatters in the milky solution.
  4. TBD shows how "light" comes in all forms and then shows different light sources (co2,neon,he,uv,and whatever else we can find); again audience uses the rainbow glasses to see the spectral lines of the different wavelenghts.
  5. Visible explodes by fire ballons containing chemicals emitting different colors to discuss how color helps us recognize chemical composition.
  6. TBD stretch a "highly visible" cord across the MSR. One end of the cord is held...maybe by an audience member. The other end is attached to a variable-speed drill and used to discuss wavelenght and energy. There are two slides on the ppt to assist in this demo.
  7. Movie time! JPLs IR movie ~7mins.
  8. TBD uses IR camera to show the heat coming from all kinds of sources: audience member, LN2, ice cream, water-stressed plant (healthy plant),
  9. X-Ray lights pyrotechnic light show in the wind tunnel box (we still have that right?)

Would it be possible to get a color IR camera for the $400.00 we have? I'm going to contact Peter Tans at NOAA. I saw him in a video using a color IR camera, but I don't know if it was his...

We'd like to give out individually wrapped Dots ice creams after the show!

Here we go!! Tim

2006 ideas

Very Illuminating Science

A New Light on Science

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