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The Magical Bleeding Pumpkin

Before the trick. You will need some white paper, a spice called Turmeric, some rubbing alcohol, paper plates and some household ammonia. Pour some alcohol into a paper plate and add some turmeric. Stir it carefully. The alcohol will turn yellow. Dip a few pieces of paper into this yellow mixture and place them on a clean plate to let them dry. BE CAREFUL NOT TO GET IT ON YOUR CLOTHES. IT WILL STAIN THEM.

Get a plastic knife or fork. Pour some ammonia into a cup and cover the cup with foil. Make a hole in the foil and stick the knife through it, into the cup. BE CAREFUL WITH AMMONIA! DO NOT SMELL IT OR GET IT IN YOUR EYES!

The story. One Halloween when I was young, I decided to make a Jack-o-lantern. I went to the market looking for a good pumpkin, but they were all sold out. I searched everywhere, but no one had any pumpkins. Finally, someone told me that there was a fellow that lived behind the cemetary that had a big pumpkin patch. It was already getting dark, but I went to the cemetary. At the back, I saw his small house. There was a big pumpking patch, but no pumpkins. I went to the door and knocked. When he opened the door, he had a pumpkin sitting on his table. I tried to buy it. "No!" he said. "That is a haunted pumpkin! I could not sell you that." Finally, I talked him into selling the pumpkin and rushed home. It looked just like this one. (Hold up yellow paper and draw a picture of pumpkin.) I picked up my knife and stabbed it into the pumpkin to carve it and guess what happened? (Pick up plastic knife and pretend to cut the pumpkin. Be sure that the ammonia drips onto the paper.) It began to bleed!!!!

The trick. When the ammonia on the knife touches the yellow paper, it will turn red.

How it works. The spice Turmeric is an acid/base indicator. When you mix it with ammonia (base or alkanine), it turns red. You can turn it yellow again by adding some vinegar(acid) to it. This paper can be used over and over.

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